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"This season, channel your inner Earth Goddess in my spectacular Gaia collection. This form-finessing Couture design is a rainbow-colored celebration of nature's wild and wonderful creations. Wrap your curves in playful layers and a mesmerizing mix of Mother Earth-inspired patterns that were printed digitally in an environmentally friendly process. Even the wonderfully smooth fabric is 'green': made from recycled yarn. Like a kiss from Gaia, I planted a beautiful bow at the heart of the design. Wear these precious pieces and remember: you are divine, a force of nature. Let your juices flow and watch the earth burst into bloom. "

- Marlies Dekkers

SS22 style collection Gaia
SS22 style collection Gaia
its all about the details Gaia SS22
its all about the details Gaia SS22


All shapes of the Gaia Couture collection are crafted from recycled polyamide fabric. A luxurious hommage to Mother Earth!

couture collection Gaia SS22


No less than four colorful, allover, digitally printed fabrics give the Gaia collection its cheerful character. By printing digitally, we save 50-60 liters of water per meter of fabric.

couture collection Gaia SS22


The bras and body of the Gaia collection feature a clever lay-over construction with beautiful bow as a finishing touch.

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couture collection Gaia SS22
SS22 couture collection Gaia

The French like to say that God created woman, but the ancient Greeks knew better: it was woman who created the gods. Well, perhaps not exactly a living breathing woman like you and I, but the great mother of gods and people, animals and plants, personified by earth itself. The Greeks liked to describe her as 'broad-bosomed' and 'many-flowered'; an 'all-nourisher' and 'all-destroyer'. To them, she was the ultimate goddess of raw, maternal power. She was worshipped in caves and by springs where her life-giving water burst forth like milk from breasts or menstrual blood. They called her Gaia: the one we are born from and fed by, but also the one we return to when we die. The original Big Mama.

Gaia created and manifested herself out of a nothingness called Chaos. Besides becoming the first 'self-made woman', the formidable goddess conceived and became Earth, birthing all forms of nature. Sadly, her solitude was as vast as the landscapes she had shaped from her womb. Longing for love, she created a mate: the sky, aka Uranus. Their union was explosive - as you can imagine - resulting in the birth of the seas (Oceanus), light (Theia) and even time (Kronos), to name but a few. But Gaia's fertility had a shadow side. Her next children were monstruous; one-eyed Cyclopes and terrifying fifty-headed creatures. Gaia loved them; Uranus hated them so much that he pushed them back into Gaia's womb. And with that, the god of the sky had committed the world's very first crime.

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All shapes of the Gaia Couture collection are crafted from recycled polyamide fabric, adorned with no less than four in-house designed digital prints. Digital textile printing saves 40-50 litres of water per metre, making the Gaia collection a treat for both your curves and your conscience! The cheerful prints are combined in a clever lay-over construction with a beautiful bow, and even continued onto the straps to make it feel like a fashionable top. Wear Gaia for the ultimate 'innerwear as outerwear'-experience; just add pants or a skirt and you are good to go!

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