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At marlies|dekkers we put environmental and social impact at the heart of the company

We are passionate about being fair and transparent, from the way we produce and transport products to the daily household waste produced at the office. Sustainability is integrated into the company’s strategy and we are committed to operate in a sustainable way. We are a member of Amfori, an independent organization, which verifies that our factories operate in an ethical and social responsible way. Our sewing facilities and practices are checked regularly by us and our partner in Asia. To reduce and limit the company’s environmental footprint, less than 5% of our goods are transported by air. Next to this, all our products are packaged with recyclable materials.

If you're curious about what our company has achieved and is working on in the field of sustainability, please check our key ambitions and regular updates.

key ambitions

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fair & equal

To us, being fair and equal means that human rights are respected and promoted within the company and its supply chain.

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sustainable solutions

We commit to use our expertise to create and find sustainable solutions for our products and introduce sustainable innovations in cooperation with other experts in the industry.

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We are transparent about the steps we take to reach a positive impact on sustainable and social aspects of our supply chain. Therefore we share our long term goals and plans with you.

On the 12th of November 2019 we signed the Transparancy Pledge. You can find our production location list here.

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empower women

Our brand is on a mission; we are here to empower women and spread the feminine feminist message.

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long-term goals

marlies|dekkers is a high-end designer brand driven by the ambition to design from a feminine point of view and boost the confidence of women across the world. Outstanding designs, a perfect fit and excellent quality have been our unique selling points from day one. Our brand-mission and vision are the foundation for our CSR strategy for which we defined our key ambitions and long-term goals below.

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design & product development

We make change possible by using our product & design expertise in cooperation with other experts in the industry to create and find sustainable solutions. As a premium brand we believe we can make a difference and make lingerie and swimwear in a sustainable manner for generations to come. It is our long-term goal to find sustainable replacements for every material we use. For product packing we already use recycled & recyclable materials. As from Fall | Winter 2019 we changed the plastic cones - which preserve the shape of the bras during transport - into paper ones.

sustainability marlies dekkers sustainability marlies dekkers


Our production goals include publishing our production locations, discuss and monitor our supplier’s social performances and take steps for continuous improvements. We pay regular visits to our supplier to discuss improvements and the impact on both businesses. To us being fair and equal means that human rights are respected and promoted within the company and its supply chain. Therefore, we regularly check the practices in our sewing facilities together with our partner in Asia.

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The way we transport our goods is always a point of attention as our production locations are all in Asia. We work with a logistic partner who helps us find the best options per season as we set goal to find the best environmental and economical ways for our transport. We transport our goods via sea- and air-freight. Air-freight has an increased environmental impact compared to sea-freight. Therefore we build an air-freight limit of 5% for 2019. Besides, the planning and processes of the shipments we plan by sea-freight are carefully monitored to achieve this.

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dare to be bv as employer

Our organization is driven by our ambition to be a successful, female forward designer brand. It is important to us that employees feel connected to the brands philosophy and have a passion for lingerie and swimwear. Our brand and company motto is: “Dare to dream, Dare to grow, Dare to be” and we integrate these values in our brand-mission. Our easygoing international culture invites employees to take the initiative to grow. In addition, we are also very passionate about CSR and commit to operate in a sustainable way. From the way we produce and transport products to the daily household waste produced at the office: sustainability is integrated into our company. Our CSR project group is represented by members from all departments and meets every month to monitor progress and initiate initiatives.

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We care for women and take initiatives to support our female forward philosophy. Marlies gives her “Unlock Your Potential” seminars worldwide with great success. To support our beliefs, we develop products that support our message like our branded T-shirts. We put lots of love and effort in our product and therefore offer high-level, durable garments. Our hangtags, paper bags and Feminine|Feminist Magazines are made with FSC approved paper and we are proud to say that our customer product-reviews are predominantly excellent.

CSR reports

we owe it to the world & future generations

As transparency is one of our key-ambitions, we want to share our policy and progress regarding corporate social responsibility with you. Our corporate social responsibility plan is a 5-year plan describing our long term goals to reach a positive impact on environmental and social aspects of our supply chain. The Code of Conduct has been created to ensure that marlies|dekkers products are produced responsibly and respectfully.

Code of Conduct
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Corporate Social Responsibity
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