Which pirate are you?

All marlies|dekkers collections are inspired by muses: powerful female icons from the past. This season, we follow the example of history’s fiercest female pirates to shake off society’s rules and search for freedom instead. We raise our rebel flag by joining them- but which pirate are you? And which lingerie collection suits you best? Let’s find out! Take the quiz and win; a prize is guaranteed, but will you win the lingerie set...?

1. All aboard: time for the first pirate battle! I am fighting to...

Fix the wage gap

Fix the orgasm gap

2. My pirate-title would be...

Queen of Freedom

Queen of Friendship

3. This slogan would be painted on my ship:

4. I would defend my ship with...

Fearlessness and intelligence. And my looks, obviously. Strategy baby!

Axes, swords, and my fleet of rebel pirate friends. Full force ahead!

5. My pirates in crime would call me their...

Sophisticated sister

Badass bestie

6. This TV show is binge watch worthy to prepare for battle:

Game of Thrones


7. This power lady is my celebrity crush:

Sofia Vergara

Rebel Wilson

8. I would describe my style as...

Minimalist. A subtle, elegant detail goes a long way.

Bold. There's no such thing as "too extravagant".

9. My favorite fashion statement is...

I don't sweat, I sparkle.

(Faux) leather is the new denim.


Princess Alfhild

Well hello princess! But you are no ordinary princess: just like the Pirate Princess Alfhild, you’d rather lead a rebel girl gang than ride off into the sunset with your prince on a white horse. With a bold lifestyle and ‘badass’ as your middle name, you are always ready to fight for your freedom. How’s that for a happily ever after? Speaking of bold and badass, our Shieldmaiden lingerie collection is the perfect collection for you to wear on your quest for freedom. Dare to wear your lingerie like shining armor!


Sayyida al-Hurra

Fearless, fierce, and free with a capital F. Sounds familiar? Just like Sayyida al-Hurra, aka the Pirate Queen of Morocco, you have a bright and curious personality that cannot be ‘owned’ by anyone. You know how to use your intelligence to get exactly what (or who 😉) you want, and you do it all in the utmost elegant matter. You go girl! Speaking of elegance, what better lingerie collection for you to wear than our Petit Point collection with subtle sparkling dots?

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