What is an unpadded bra?

An unpadded bra follows the natural shape of your breasts. This type of bra has a comfortable fit thanks to the flexible shape and cups without padding. Unpadded bras give a modest cleavage and are suitable for all breast shapes and cup sizes.

Some unpadded bras have wires, whereas others are unpadded and unwired. This depends on the amount on support you need. For smaller cup sizes, an unpadded bralette will feel comfortable. When you have a bigger cup size, you can choose for a wired unpadded bra which offers more support. You can find more information on unpadded bras for cup size D to cup size F on our blog. Discover all of our unpadded bras at our online marlies dekkers shop and find the perfect bra.

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what is an unpadded bra
what is an unpadded bra

What is difference between padded or unpadded bra?

The difference between a padded and an unpadded bra is the use of foam in the cups. The padded bra has pre-shaped cups which make your breasts look round and full. Because of the foam cups, you can be sure that your nipples will not be visible. With an unpadded cup, your nipples can be visible. An unpadded bra has no foam in the cups. Unpadded cups are made from a soft fabric and follow the natural shape of your chest.

Who can wear an unpadded bra?

Every women can wear an unpadded bra since there are many different types of unpadded bras. Varying from large cup size soft bras to sexy bralettes, there are many unpadded shapes. An non-padded bra is very comfortable and perfect for everyday use. If you want a natural look, the unpadded bra will be the perfect fit for you!

Are unpadded bras supportive?

Yes, unpadded bras definitely offer enough support for larger cup sizes. Unpadded bras, also known as unlined bras, feature seams that follow the round shape of your breast. At marlies dekkers, the lining of the unpadded bra is designed with multiple layers to offer the needed support. The T-seam on the inside of the cups and the unique combination of stretch and non-stretch fabric is used for optimal support. The perfect match of comfort and support!


The visual below shows the different fits of all bra shapes, with the red line showing the cup height of each item. In our Bra Shape Guide you can read all about our different shapes of bras.

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