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A super fit and outstanding quality is always top of the list when it comes to lingerie. But what does all this mean when you're not wearing the right bra size? Most of us, a whopping 85%, are indeed wearing the wrong bra size. We want to help you to find the perfect fit, so we've found a solution to every boob problem...

misfit 1.

The quadraboob

Wow, you’ve got 4 boobs! Oh no wait, it’s 2 boobs, spilling over your cup. Solution: Since your cup literally ‘runnes over’, you should try a bigger cup size. For example an 80E instead of an 80D.

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misfit 2.

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The high rider

The back of your bra is riding up. Your boobs pay the price: a dire lack of support. Solution: The problem is that the underbust is too wide. First, check the obvious: your bra’s back closure hooks. Did you use the right set of loops for a nice snug fit? If you did, and you still get no support, try a bra with a smaller underbust size. For example: 70E instead of 75D.

misfit 3.

The side boob

The wires in the side of your cup are sitting on your boob rather than your rib cage, creating spillage on the sides. Solution: If the problem is in the underwire, the problem is in the cup; the two are connected. Definitely try a bigger cup size: an 85E instead of an 85D for

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misfit 4.

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The super drooper

Oh no! Your boobs look sad and lonely in a bra that doesn’t seem to offer any support. Solution: Check your shoulder straps, you might need to make them tighter. The same goes for your underbust; is it too wide? Then again, the problem might be in the type of cups; for proper support I suggest good quality molded cups. Like the ones I developed for my brand! Just saying…

misfit 5.

The boobs in space

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s your boobs, floating in space because your underwire is not touching your ribcage. Solution: First, the obvious: are your shoulder straps too tight? Loosen them a little to see what happens. Then, bend forward till your boobs fall into the cups, and shake while you hold the underwire firmly (doesn’t that feel good?). Still no luck? Try a bigger cup, for example 70B instead of 70A.

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