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    plunge balcony bra
    € 199,95
    Channel your inner Earth Goddess in this spectacular couture balcony bra. The combination of all nature's wild and wonderful creations resulted in a mesmerizing mix of patterns. This balcony bra is made of recycled yarn and the stunning patterns are printed digitally to save water and energy. Like a kiss from Gaia, a beautiful bow was planted at the heart of the bra. This couture bra doesn't compromise on comfort: the padding gives you extra support and the wires, enclosing your breasts, create a modest cleavage. And with higher sides than a normal bra, this bra is perfectly suitable to be worn as a top! Slip into this gorgeous designer bra and burst into bloom.
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    high waist briefs
    € 99,95
    Honor our Mother Earth by wearing these colorful high waist briefs. A mesmerizing mix of nature inspired patterns is digitally printed onto recycled yarn. Digital printing is the most sustainable way of coloring fabric as it saves a lot of water and energy. Thus, a stunning and sustainable choice! The high waist flatters all body types. The fabric covers your hips, belly and bum, but still highlights your beautiful figure. Combine these designer high waist briefs with the matching balcony bra to complete your precious lingerie set. Dare to wrap your curves in playful layers of Gaia and burst into bloom.
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    plunge balcony body
    € 289,95
    Celebrate the miracle of life in this designer plunge balcony body. The colorful mix of patterns is a true celebration of Mother Earth. These patterns were digitally printed in an environmentally friendly process: by printing digitally, we save 50-60 liters of water per meter of fabric. Even the wonderfully smooth fabric is ‘green’: made from recycled yarn. The cups are padded and wired for extra support and create a modest cleavage. The red printed bow is like a kiss from Gaia, planted in between the cups. Thanks to the rainbow colored print, you can, quite literally, wear your love for Mother Earth and remember her important message: you are divine, a force of nature!
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    balcony bra
    € 99,95
    The star of this ivory balcony bra is the subtle zebra pattern. A very special printing technique was used to create the contrast between the glossy fabric and matte stripes. The ivory color looks gorgeous on every skin tone and the perfectly placed straps make this bra even more special. A charming little bow and gold colored zebra ornament twinkle at the center of the bra. The padding gives you extra support and the wires enclose your breasts, creating a modest cleavage. Dare to show your true stripes in this unique ivory balcony bra.
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    7 cm thong
    € 49,95
    Add some fun to your lingerie collection with this striped ivory thong. This thong covers your hips and the lower part of your belly while sensual straps adorn your bum. A beautiful zebra pattern emerges from the contrasting matte and glossy textures. Did you know that every zebra has their own unique pattern? Match this cheeky thong with one of the stunning ivory bras and earn your stripes by celebrating Mother Earth.
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    8 cm brazilian briefs
    € 49,95
    Every wardrobe needs good everyday essentials and these ivory brazilian briefs are definitely one of them. The soft and shiny microfiber fabric of these comfy briefs will hug your curves and flatter your figure. Most of the hip and groin are covered while your belly and the lower part of your buttocks remain exposed. Did you spot the subtle zebra print and the sensual straps at the back? Complete your look with one of the matching designer ivory bras and dare to show your true stripes!
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    high waist briefs
    € 59,95
    Take a walk on the wild side in these sexy high waist briefs! A subtle zebra print accentuates your curves in the very best way. The contrasting glossy and matte stripes are created with a unique printing technique. These ivory briefs streamline your figure and provide comfortable coverage of your hips and lower belly. Combine the high waist briefs with one of the matching ivory bras and complete your stunning lingerie set.
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    balcony bra
    € 139,95
    Frame your curves with this bold designer bra. The grey base is overlaid with black floral lace made from recycled yarn. Black, wide straps were added on top of the cup to create a powerful look. The padding of this balcony bra gives you extra support whilst the wires enclosing your breasts create a modest cleavage. Wear this sexy black bra and be as bold as Freya, goddess of magic and love.
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    € 139,95
    The combination of floral lace and edgy straps is inspired by love goddess Freya, who is known to be romantic yet bold! This super comfortable, unwired bralette follows the natural shape of your breasts. The grey colored base has been overlaid with black floral lace made of recycled polyamide. What else could you wish for: comfy and conscious at the same time! Bold straps and a playful cut-out create a playful game of reveal and conceal. Combine this designer bra with one of the matching bottoms and give wings to your desires.
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    butterfly thong
    € 69,95
    Frame your curves with this beautiful black butterfly thong. It's made from gorgeous grey colored fabric, combined with a luxurious black floral lace made from recycled yarn. The outlines of the thong are decorated with broad straps, making a bold statement. This lacy thong leaves the lower part of your buttocks exposed. Turn your bum into an eye-catcher with this badass black designer thong.
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    high waist briefs
    € 79,95
    Give wings to your desires like goddess Freya in these striking high waist briefs. With playful cut outs and floral lace panels showing a little bit of skin, these briefs allow for a sophisticated play of reveal and conceal. A grey base is combined with an intricate floral lace (made with recycled yarn!) for a sweet yet powerful look. The high waist and low cut legs provide ideal coverage while still showcasing your breathtaking curves. Add these black knickers to your wardrobe as they are the perfect combination of sustainable and sexy.
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    5 cm briefs
    € 69,95
    Add these beautiful black briefs to your wardrobe for a comfortable and conscious choice. The sexy floral lace is made of recycled polyamide. A gorgeous grey base was added underneath to make the floral lace pattern truly stand out. The briefs are framed by bold black straps. The sides measure 5 cm, covering the buttocks almost completely and partially covering the hip and groin area. Your lower belly is covered halfway. Choose these sexy black knickers and one of the matching bras to complete your set.
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