What is a plunge balcony bra?

A plunge balcony bra is a comfortable everyday style with a plunging neckline. The cups follow the natural shape of the breasts and the wires only partially enclose the lower part of the breasts, resulting in a modest but sexy cleavage.

The plunge balcony bras suit all breast types and body shapes and are available from small to big cup sizes. This plunging balcony style is also the perfect g cup bra, because the padded cups give you extra support. The sexy half cups of a plunging balcony bra are lower than a balcony bra but higher than a plunge bra. Discover all of our plunge balcony bras at our online marlies dekkers shop and find the perfect bra.

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what is a plunge balcony bra
what is a plunge balcony bra

What is the difference between balconette and plunge bra?

The cups of a balconette bra are shaped in a more straight line, whereas the cups of plunge bra are shaped like a V. A plunge balcony bra is the perfect combination of a plunge bra and a balcony bra. This versatile shape gives you the best of both worlds!

Who can wear a plunge balcony bra?

A plunge balcony bra is great for every cup size and breast shape. Women with a larger cup size will also enjoy wearing a plunge balcony bra. This shape is also available up to a g cup. Finding a bra that offers enough support, but is sexy at the same time, can be a challenge. But you will definitely find the perfect bra in our online store!

What does a plunge balcony bra do?

A plunge balcony bra gives you a modest cleavage, because of the straight across shape of the cups. Since the cups have a lower cut than a normal balcony bra, you can still show some skin and feel sexy. Whether you have a B cup or a G cup, a plunge balcony bra will be the perfect fit!


The visual below shows the different fits of all bra shapes, with the red line showing the cup height of each item. In our Bra Shape Guide you can read all about our different shapes of bras.

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