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    plunge balcony bikini top
    € 129,95
    This red plunge balcony bikini top is as sexy, sun-drenched, and seductive as the French Riviera itself. It is made from a flirty jacquard fabric in white and vibrant red and has chic ruffled shoulder straps. Your breasts are partially enclosed by wires, which give you a modest décolleté. Create your own 'Oh la la' moment on the beach when you're wearing this elegant red bikini top.
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    unpadded plunge balcony bikini top
    € 99,95
    Say 'bonjour!' to this sophisticated red plunge balcony bikini top. Become an absolute flirt with the flattering neckline with subtly ruffled straps tied in the back. The jacquard fabric contains a cute print in crispy white and vibrant red. The unpadded cups follow the natural shape of your breasts, creating a comfortable feeling. Mix and match this red bikini top with one of the bikini bottoms and feel as glamorous as the French Riviera in the '60s.
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Pink bikini at the pool

Do you have a nice holiday planned, Summer coming up and in need of a new bikini, or just in a shopping-mood? Have we got something great for you: pink bikinis! Whenever the sun comes out the play we all get rid of our dark Winter outfits and bring out the Summer clothes full of color. Why shouldn't we do this for our swimwear? Forget those dark and black bikinis that might look classy and great, but sometimes you just want some color. How to do this best? By rocking a gorgeous pink bikini from marlies|dekkers.

Pink bikini with the perfect fit

A pink bikini is on-trend and reminds us all of tropical beaches, coconuts and nothing on our mind. But, besides looking great our pink bikinis also offer you the perfect fit you are used to when it comes to marlies|dekkers lingerie or swimwear. Our bikinis are all wired, to make sure that you don't have to compromise on support just because you're lying at the beach. We want you to feel just as comfortable as always, without having to worry about shifting bikini tops. Our bikinis are made from high quality materials offering you a perfect fit and a gorgeous cleavage. We offer a wide range of shapes to make sure you will be able to find the one you're looking for and that suits you best.

Different styles of pink bikinis

We offer different styles and shapes of bikinis. Whether they are pink, purple, black, white, red or any of the other colours we offer: we always make sure to offer them in a wide range of shapes. We want to make sure every woman can find a bikini that suits her and her bodyshape the best, so that is why we created different shapes per collection. When it comes to bikini tops we mostly offer a plunge balcony bikini top or a push up bikini top. You can choose a pink push up bikini top when you're looking for a seductive cleavage, or a pink plunge balcony bikini top when you would like a more modest cleavage. When it comes to bottoms we also offer a range of shapes, such as the revealing tie and bow briefs or more covering brazilian shorts. You can get multiple pair of shorts with one bikini top so that you can mix and match during the holidays, and wear something different every other day.

Buying a pink bikini online

It is very easy to order your pink bikini in our webshop. Already know your size? Just pick the pink bikini you like best and confirm your order with your preferred payment method. Are you still in doubt between some of our different collections? Don't worry, we have a 30-day return period so that you can try on all of the bikinis at home. Take your time to find out which one suits you best and return the ones you don't want to keep. We have a US return warehouse so that you can easily return your order. Well, what are you waiting for? Shop your pink bikini in our webshop now!