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    push up bra
    € 99,95
    Dare to sparkle in this blue push up bra. It's crafted from a translucent fine mesh decorated with blue and gold dots. The little gold dots adorn your décolleté, the same way that the stars adorn the night sky. Glittery gold details were added to the shoulder straps as a shiny finishing touch. The small cushions and closely fitted wires gives you extra support and creates a sexy deep cleavage. Choose this dark blue bra with sparkly gold details for a classic, yet sexy look.
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Queen of Pearls - fall | winter 2018 lingerie collection

All my work as a feminist designer is inspired by muses. Powerful female icons from past and present. Although women have been marginalized for centuries, archetypes of female power have always been there. Through my designs, I bring them to you. To help us shape the world of modern-day feminism.

This season, I explore the glorious life and legacy of the ‘Queen of Pearls’, Elizabeth the First of England. Flame-haired, brave-hearted and dressed to dazzle in velvet and pearls, the Virgin Queen ruled alone and she ruled splendidly. Under her reign, which lasted for almost 45 years, England became one of the greatest forces in the world. Just imagine being at the epicenter of all that power, sworn to your country, body and soul! Growing up, while other girls dreamt of being golden-locked princesses, I wanted to be Elizabeth. Let them have their prince Charming, I preferred autonomous power and the rush of adrenaline. When I think of Elizabeth, I see her spellbinding her observers with her brilliance and her countless strands of beloved pearls, magnificent Renaissance symbols of brave beauty. Like diamonds, pearls grow under pressure. Very much like Elizabeth herself, who excelled in the face of adversity. ‘When the going gets tough, it is your chance to shine’, her motto might as well have been. Let Elizabeth’s bravery inspire you to dream, let her perseverance push you to grow. Dare to be, and in time, you will proudly wear your own crown of pearls. My new Couture collection is an ode to Queen Elizabeth’s glamorous power dressing. Rock your royalty in an opulent combination of splendid velvet, luscious lace and black pearls. Feel how the form finessing fit harnesses your dreams and desires.