fall | winter 2023 lingerie trends

"All my work as a feminist designer is inspired by muses. Powerful female icons from past and present. Although women have been marginalized for centuries, archetypes of female power have always been there. Through my designs, I bring them to you. To help us shape the world of modern-day feminism.

This season, we travel into the mystic with 12th century polymath, proto-feminist and powerfrau Hildegard von Bingen. Living by her credo 'the soul is symphonic', the German visionary harmonized and manifested her soul's manifold desires in a magical way that continues to inspire us. Founding two monasteries, composing an entire catalogue of sacred music - still hugely popular on Spotify! - and penning nine books on subjects ranging from botany to cosmology to human sexuality (including the Western World's first known description of the female orgasm); Hildegard was a Renaissance woman long before the Renaissance. Most importantly, she was a creator."
- Marlies Dekkers

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Touched by the Divine

When times are dark, shine your divine light in outfits inspired by glittering Byzantine mosaics and splendorous stained-glass windows. With designers worshipping at the altar of excess this season, being glamorously overdressed is no longer a sin. Wear rainbow-colored gemstones and Baroque embellishments and go - literally! - for gold.

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Monastic Fantastic

Holy smoke! Inspired by the black-and-white austerity of nun's habits and the commanding style of religious vestments, monastic chic is everywhere this season. Combining a collective desire for faith with gorgeous fashion, these minimalist designs make you look 'simply' divine, whether you're a saint or a sinner.