"Hey you, gorgeous femme! Embrace your dark side in my breathtaking 'Femme Fatale' collection. Slip into this seriously sexy set, made from embossed faux leather in fetching hunter green. Let the bold, argyle-woven straps with distinct, gold-metal rings highlight your dangerous curves. Now you're ready to slay with your killer combination of beauty, brains and sensuality. Like Lee Miller said: 'It's all about making or taking freedom". Happy hunting!"

- Marlies Dekkers

its all about the details femme fatale FW22
its all about the details femme fatale FW22


Femme Fatale is crafted from a unique, leather-look fabric in a daring dark green hue.

femme fatale collection fw22


The print on the woven shoulder straps matches the leather embossing on the cups.

femme fatale collection fw22


Metal rings and sliders make sure this collection turns you into a true femme fatale.

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femme fatale collection fw22
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FW22 style collection Lee Miller

“If I need to pee, I pee in the road; if I have a letch for someone, I hop into bed with him.” It was a given for Lee Miller: of course women should have the same social and sexual freedom that men have been enjoying for centuries! And why not use your feminine capital to get what you want? (And have some sexy fun while you do so?). "The first is to take or make freedom," the feminine feminist pur sang once wrote. And she did so, gloriously, taking lovers as she pleased.

Lee called herself romantic, but "never sentimental, never". Sexual taboos? She laughed them away. "I'm in a state and will go practice hydraulics [masturbation]," she once wrote to a friend. Perhaps she had internalized the advice of a psychologist who told her at seven years old to 'separate sex from love', perhaps she was born badass. I suspect it was a mix of the two.

All the same, Lee left a trail of broken hearts wherever she went: a true femme fatale. The Surrealists who saw eroticism as an important gateway to the imagination embraced sexually trailblazing Lee as their ultimate muse. In Jean Cocteau's movie 'Blood of a poet' Lee plays a spellbinding statue. In the end, the hero dies with the imprints of Lee's kisses on his body. Needless to say, he dies a happy man.

get informed femme fatale FW22

This dark green Femme Fatale collection is made from a unique leather-look fabric with an embossed pattern. A lot of precision goes into this collection: to create the embossed pattern in the leather-look fabric, the exact right temperature and time is required. Leave it on for too long or with a too high temperature and the fabric will burn, but leave it on too short or too cold and the pattern won't be clearly visible. Creating the same unique pattern on the woven shoulder straps will take our team a full day to prepare, by attaching each and every single string of yarn to the machine by hand. Gold-colored rings and sliders bring the design together in style, and inside the cups you'll find a contrasting, bright orange color. It will be our sexy secret!

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