"Ciao, bellissma! Release your inner Italian bombshell in my juicy Mambo Italiano collection. I combined a supportive base with a seductive overlay and sensual straps, creating a playful, layered effect. And how smooth is the fabric, made from recycled polyamide! The pattern of succulent lemons was printed digitally to save water and energy while the statement shoulder straps literally say it all: 'Let juices flow!'. The adorable little bow and enamel pendant featuring a perfect lemon remind you that when life gives you lemons... you shake them and get juicy!"

- Marlies Dekkers

SS23 lingerie collection Mambo
SS23 lingerie collection Mambo
its all about the details Mambo SS23
its all about the details Mambo SS23


This fruity lingerie collection is crafted from soft, recycled polyamide fabric.

couture collection Mambo SS23


This collection features an in-house designed, digital print with juicy lemons. By printing digitally, we save 50-60 liters of water per meter of fabric.

couture collection Mambo SS23


The woven shoulder straps emphasize a sensual message: Let juices flow!

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couture collection Mambo SS23
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SS23 lingerie collection mambo

"Give it mambo!" the orchestra leader shouts. As an orgy of trumpets and bongos explodes, you break away from your dance partner and shimmy to the middle of the floor. This is your moment. Surrendering to the Afro-Cuban rhythm, your feet move at a dazzling speed. Channeling your inner Italian vamp, you swing your hips, teasingly tracing your curves with your hands. As you imagine Sophia Loren cheering you on - "Shake your lemons, donna!" - you throw your head back and laugh. No other dance makes you feel this juicy and alive. No other dance makes you fall this crazy in love with yourself. It's the magic of mambo!

The Pope called it a 'devilish dance', American dance critics labeled it 'extreme' and 'undisciplined'. But the sexy, hip-shaking mambo dance, - originating in Cuba, spreading from the USA to Europe - was THE dance phenomenon of the 1950s. Mambo mania reached a fevered pitch in Italy, where 'maggiorate' (bombshells) like Gina Lolobrigida showed off their curves and Italian sass to mambo's irresistible rhythms. Mambo Italiano was born.

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This delicious collection is all about the details. You can't miss the flattering constructions with cheeky cut-outs and the fresh, in-house designed pattern of juicy lemons. The pattern was printed digitally, as opposed to more traditional screen printing, to save water (50-60 liters of water per meter of fabric!). But did you see the bindings on each shape, with detailed rope-pattern? And let's not forget about the woven shoulder straps that display a sexy statement: let juices flow! But the cherry -or should I say lemon?- on top of this collection is the adorable printed bow with gold-colored pendant, hand filled with yellow enamel. Let's get juicy!

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