Own your stripes, you’ve earned them!

"I can barely believe it myself, but this year we'll be celebrating the 30-year anniversary of marlies|dekkers! We sure weathered some storms throughout the years, but you know what they say: you cannot control the wind, but you can adjust your sails. I hereby tip my (captain's) hat to my badass team for bravely riding the waves with me! So here it is, my anniversary gift to you, Couture reimagined as swimwear. A spectacular, limited-edition Victoria swimwear collection with only 1500 pieces available worldwide, making it the most exclusive swimwear collection Marlies Dekkers ever designed. A celebration of our shared voyage. So, wear it and proudly own the stripes you've earned. To another 30 years of making waves together!"

- Marlies Dekkers

FW22 style collection dame de paris
FW22 style collection dame de paris
its all about the details supernova FW22
its all about the details supernova FW22


This collection features a lush, ultra-flattering design with classic, nautical red-blue-and-white stripes. The pattern is printed digitally onto the recycled fabric to save water.

supernova collection fw22


The nautical medal rosette at the center of your décolleté is removable for washing.

supernova collection fw22


The gold colored foil is printed in a rope-pattern with great precision, to add a touch of glam to the design. The gold foil is resistant to sand, sun and sea.

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supernova collection fw22
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Discover Victoria: our most exclusive swimwear collection yet. As the centerpiece of our 30th anniversary-celebration, the pieces from this collection are limited and numbered. Who wouldn't want to flaunt the beach in true collectors items? And let's not forget about the ultra-flattering design in the classic vintage color combination of red, blue and ivory. The stripes are printed digitally, which saves 50-60 liters of water per meter of fabric. A gorgeous, removable medal rosette adorns the center of your décolleté. And last but not least, a rope-pattern in shiny gold foil is printed in the perfect place to highlight your gorgeous curves.

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