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"In diesem fabelhaft frivolen Set sind Sie der verspielte Pharao! Meine beliebte Meringue Kollektion ist in einer extrem schmeichelnden Schwarz-auf-Schwarz-Version zurück, die von der antiken ägyptischen Vorliebe für den mysteriöse schwarzen Onyx inspiriert ist. Ein verspielter Saum mit gekräuseltem Tüll rückt Ihr Dekolleté ins Rampenlicht, während ein spektakuläres Zusammenspiel aus Linien Ihre Kurven auf wunderschöne Art und Weise hervorhebt. Wie eine Ägypterin laufen? Ich würde sagen: Wie eine Ägypterin sein!"

- Marlies Dekkers

SS21 style collection meringue
lingerie collection Meringue black SS21
playful mesh ruffles

This collection is made of a sheer, deep black fabric which is thinner than a standard microfiber fabric. Therefore it feels incredibly sensual on your skin. The garments contain a spectacular play of lines. As you can imagine it's important that the straps are measured and sewn with extreme accuracy. Another accurate job is creating the black mesh ruffles, which are ruffled by hand before they are stitched onto the garment. All this craftsmanship results in astonishing pieces of lingerie.

it’s all about the details

style collection meringue SS21
style collection meringue SS21

Feminine Rüschen

Die BHs und Slips besitzen eine schwarze Rüsche aus Netzstoff.

style collection meringue SS21

Verspielte Riemchen

Die sorgfältig platzierten Riemchen rahmen Ihre Schönheit ein.

style collection meringue SS21

Außenträger-BH mit Korsett

Diese Kollektion bietet zwei besondere Formen, die Sie in eine verführerische ägyptische Göttin verwandeln.

style collection meringue SS21
SS21 style collection Meringue Black
Black Magic

‘Black magic woman’, ‘whore queen’, ‘witch’; just some of the names thrown at Cleopatra throughout the centuries. It’s the oldest trick in the book: knocking down powerful, sexually confident women by labeling them witches and sexual predators. “The moment he saw her, Anthony* lost his head to her like a young man, although he was 40 years old,” the Greek biographer Plutarch marveled. Surely Cleopatra must have used black magic? Well, Cleopatra definitely cast a spell, but of a different kind: she bewitched with words. During one summer they spent in Athens together, Cleopatra made it a sport to distract Marc Anthony. As Plutarch writes: “Many times, while he was seated on his tribunal, he would receive love-billets from her in tablets of onyx, and read them.” The black onyx was a special touch: the name comes from the Greek word ‘onyx’, which means nail or claw. The story goes that one day, Cupid cut the divine fingernails of Venus while she was sleeping. He left the clippings scattered on the sand where the fates turned them into stone so that no part of the heavenly body would ever perish... just like the love between the Roman general and the Egyptian Queen. As Cleopatra knew very well: some things are simply set in stone. *Marc Anthony, the Roman general and Cleopatra’s lover.

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style collection meringue SS21
style collection meringue SS21
style collection meringue SS21
style collection meringue SS21
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