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This year I'm celebrating 30 years of making women unlock their full potential The secret? My daring motto. Dare to dream is the first step. What is your heart's desire? What are your goals? To run a marathon, find a cure for cancer? Nothing is too crazy or far-fetched! The next step: Dare to grow. What is needed to make this dream reality? This is all about focus and finding the right balance between hard work and contemplation. ​ Finally, after daring you to dream and to grow, I am daring you to simply be. Be you, be proud and be confident. And what better way to show off this confidence then wearing my iconic Dame de Paris collection with its signature straps. ​ A true icon that has captivated hearts for three decades. A design which gives every woman the confidence to take a look at herself and go: ''Damn, I love this woman!''

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Do you believe we can have it all? And are you ready to say it loud and proud? Then get right to the 'point' with these empowering pins! Our exclusive, limited-edition collection of exquisite enamel pins features designs that come straight from Marlies' heart and pack a powerful punch. Wear these badges of honor and feminist pride to add sass to your jackets and bags while spreading an awesome message: man, it's good to be a woman! Start collecting NOW so you can work it, slay it, pin it and say it. And keep an eye on our site; we will drop new collections on special occasions so you can keep your #pingame strong. You know what they say: if you like it then you should put a pin on it!

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Pin them on your jeans, favorite bag or leather biker jacket- or give them away to your boss-babe friend! These colorful badges are all about empowerment; wear them yourself or share them with the ones that inspire you. Keep an eye on our social media channels and website to be the first to know when we drop a new pin and collect them all. Also, did we tell you that you can win a free marlies|dekkers set every month?! The only thing you have to do is wear your pin and share a picture of it on social media. Don’t forget to tag us with @marliesdekkersofficial, and you might be the lucky one!

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This is your moment. Surrendering to the rhythm of the Magic Mambo. You swing your hips, teasingly tracing your curves with your hands. As you imagine Sophia Loren cheering you on - "Shake your lemons, donna!". No other dance makes you feel this juicy and alive. I dare you to dance the Mambo with me and celebrate life

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Women have been trained to speak softly, nod politely and smile kindly. Well, those days are over. Instead, women worldwide are (re)claiming their voice. We dare to speak our minds, do the unexpected and create controversy. Let us inspire you and help you find the courage to use your own voice. Join the movement. Because a million voices together can speak a lot louder. And even the smallest statement can make a difference - wearing a meaningful token like my newest pin, for example. Buckle up, a massive feminine force is coming to tell the world: don’t shush me!

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Who run this mother? Girls, of course, but let's not forget about the bees! According to the latest 'buzz', bees pollinate nearly three quarters of the plants that produce 90% of the world's food (!). Our ancestors already realized how essential these magical golden creatures are to our survival. There have always been Bee Goddesses; voluptuous Anatolian divinities wearing beehive-shaped tiaras and feisty Hindu honey goddesses with a venomous sting. Wear this pin to transform yourself into a queen while celebrating Mother Earth's most magical creatures, and spread an urgent message: save the bees.

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Hop on board while we raise our rebel flag by joining eleven formidable female pirates for an adventure of a lifetime. Let’s be more badass than Blackbeard and create our own society of outcasts, free from patriarchal rules and gender roles. The treasure that our swashbuckling sisters were after? The same treasure women still crave; freedom. The freedom to create our future, to only follow our own rules. And have a bloody blast while doing so! Wear our sassy version of the Jolly Roger flag and sail the Seven Seas in swashbuckling style!

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This season, we ascend the throne of our personal power by channeling the original Feminine Feminist: Cleopatra. A shrewd strategist, a skilled diplomat and a dazzling self-promoter, the Egyptian queen ruled for 22 years with more courage and charisma than most male leaders before her. Not afraid to celebrate and deploy her femininity, Cleopatra mixed passion and politics, and was slutshamed for it for over 2000 years. Well, let them talk! From 'femme fatale' to 'evil seductress'; the queen herself would have laughed off the labels, knowing that no patriarchal propaganda can obscure the glorious power of a woman who owns her femininity" So wear this fierce woman on you chest, dare to be a come back queen!

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For over a century, March 8 has marked a special day for women across the world – and this years’s International Women’s Day promises to be extra special with my limited edition feminine feminist pin! Thanks to movements like #MeToo and Time’s Up, real change is finally taking place. Well done, all you fabulous feminists! To celebrate our achievements and support all the strong women that made it happen, I have designed an exclusive collection of bad-ass feminine feminist shirts and a fierce feminine feminist pin. My new pin matches the colors our my spring|summer ’21 collection, so you can wear this badge of honor together with my brand new collection.

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A swift movement in the dark, a stifled cry, an overturned chair. A crime, but no clues. "Oh, but there are always clues, chéri," the Detective said with an enigmatic smile. She took a magnifying glass out of her immaculately tailored trench coat. "It's not enough to merely see; one must observe," she declared. Then, briskly: "But first, let's have a nice cup of tea, shall we?" Sick of male, arrogant, know-it-all detectives, my muse Agatha Christie decided to create a new type of sharp, witty female sleuth. The fact that the world still dismissed women as 'the weaker sex' was only convenient for Agatha's female crime-fighter; it enabled her to do her investigating under the radar. While the men were busy giving their tiring 'mansplanations', She got the job done, efficiently and without a fuss.

Wear this pin to remind yourself of Agatha Christie’s feisty female characters. A reminder that -just like them- you can get the job done!

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Can I still be a feminist when wearing make-up, high heels and a flirty dress? Of course! Because ladies, that is the whole point of this Fourth Feminist wave: this time, WE CAN HAVE IT ALL! We no longer have to burn our bras to make a point; we can be equal to men while celebrating our femininity. We are lipstick-wearing CEO’s,professors who dress like pin-ups, mothers who behave like mistresses. We’re into both knitting and kickboxing. We’ll split the bill, but gentlemen, it’s okay if you hold the door open for us.

Remember what feminine feminism stands for, and let’s show them by wearing this empowering pin!

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This season, we unravel the magical mystery of crime writer Agatha Christie. Forget the image of the elderly, grey-haired lady, married to her typewriter. “Very few of us are what we seem,” Agatha warned. The Queen of Crime was a feisty, freedom-loving feminist who used her imagination to become the most popular author of all time – outselling even the bible and William Shakespeare – while living the most adventurous life. Murder, she wrote, but in the end, Agatha’s story was all about embracing life and daring to be.

This typewriter pin is an ode to ‘mystery girl’ Agatha Christie, and to her bad-ass female characters that live within all of us.

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We all know the perfect fairy tale: a frightening dragon is destroying the kingdom and taking the princess captive in a big scary tower, a handsome prince shows up to slay the dragon and win the heart of his princess. Who ever decided that the prince should be brave, and the princess should be helpless? Let’s stop this pattern once and for all.

Wear this pin to show that you can – and you will – slay your own dragons! And remember, being brave definitely doesn’t make you less of a princess.

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I feel like it’s my purpose as a self-made woman, which I am immensely proud of, to empower women to dare to dream, dare to grow, and dare to be. It’s what I’ve been doing for over 28 years. The progress that women have made throughout the years is incredible; strong, independent women are stepping forward as powerful role models, inspiring and motivating smart, young girls of all backgrounds to make the most of their many talents. And that’s what we need more of today: forward-thinking women. As masters of our own destiny, the world is asking us to shape a future of opportunity for ourselves.
My brand is about so much more than sexy lingerie. My lingerie is your power suit, in which you can concur the world! Go get that dream job and fulfill all your other ambitions- be the CEO of your own life. Wear this pin as a reminder, when you need it, that I am there with you. Dare to be!

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