What are Brazilian shorts?

The Brazilian shorts have sides measuring 12 cm. Most of the hip and groin is covered. Belly and lower part of your buttocks however remain exposed. The Brazil shorts show curves while exposing less skin.

The back of the Brazilian shorts is cut out high, showing a bit of your cheeks. Therefore, this shape makes your legs appear longer! Brazilian shorts are very comfortable due to the soft fabric and well-designed fit. The difference between Brazilian shorts and Brazilian briefs is the sides, measuring 12 cm for the shorts and 8 cm for the briefs. Discover all of our Brazilian shorts at our online marlies dekkers shop and find the perfect panties.

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what are brazilian shorts
what are brazilian shorts


L'image ci-dessous montre les différentes coupes de tous les styles de slips, la ligne rouge indiquant la hauteur de la taille de chaque sous-vêtement. Dans notre guide de style des slips, vous trouverez tout sur nos différentes formes de slips.

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