What are 5 cm briefs?

Briefs are one of the most common underwear shapes for women. This specific briefs shape has sides measuring 5 cm, so these panties partially cover the hip and groin area whilst leaving both the belly and the lower part of the buttocks exposed.

The 5 cm briefs provide a lot of front and back coverage. This shape of panties is super comfortable and perfect for every day. At Marlies Dekkers, briefs are designed with sexy straps to make them a bit more interesting. 5 cm briefs are available in a wide variety of colors and sizes for every woman from petite to curvy. Discover all of our 5 cm briefs at our online marlies dekkers shop and find the perfect panties.

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what are 5 cm briefs
what are 5 cm briefs


L'image ci-dessous montre les différentes coupes de tous les styles de slips, la ligne rouge indiquant la hauteur de la taille de chaque sous-vêtement. Dans notre guide de style des slips, vous trouverez tout sur nos différentes formes de slips.

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