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"All my work as a feminist designer is inspired by muses, powerful female icons from past and present. Through my designs, I bring them to you.

This season, we look deep into the steel-blue eyes of Lee Miller and see beyond clichés of the privileged woman with the glamorous life. A 20th Century Renaissance woman, Lee made her mark in a mindboggling diversity of roles: Vogue cover girl, innovative art photographer, legendary war journalist. Let's get inspired by the way she transformed herself from a muse into a master and refused to be pigeonholed!"
- Marlies Dekkers

The FW22 collection is now available.

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This season, join our clan or fashionable rebels by draping yourself in tantalizing tartan. Worn as a badge of pride and resistance by Scottish clans throughout the ages, this colorful, versatile fabric has become a symbol of both rebellion and sophistication. We love a proper kilt, but a touch of tartan is enough to infuse your wardrobe with some serious warrior spirit. Find your rebel yell and go for it!