What is a 2 cm thong?

A thong is a small piece of underwear that exposes your buttocks. The 2 cm thong is one of the sexiest underwear shapes that you can shop at Marlies Dekkers. Instead of a normal back, this panty style has a very narrow V-shape in the back.

The main reasons why women wear thongs is to prevent panty lines from showing under tight clothing and to look sexy. Wearing a thong gives women a confidence boost as it frames your curves beautifully. If you are looking for less coverage, take a look at our tangas. Discover all of our 2 cm briefs at our online marlies dekkers shop and find the perfect panties.

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what is a 2cm thong
what is a 2cm thong


The visual below shows the different fits of all briefs shapes, with the red line showing the waist height of each underwear item. In our Briefs Shape Guide you can read all about our different shapes in briefs.

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