• signature collection Dame de Paris
    signature collection Dame de Paris

My Space Odyssey collection is designed for ladies aiming for the stars. I was inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey”. Kubrick pays tribute to the big questions in life: why are we here and what is our destiny? This courageous voyage transcending time and space, reminded me of the heroic journeys of women on a mission. It’s what I wish for you: boldly go where no one has gone before to understand and fulfill your destiny.

I took the shape of Kubrick’s twirling spaceship and translated it into lovely little round-shaped details. Wear my Space Odyssey to radiate star quality.

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Signature Space Odyssey Ivy Levan set
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Signature Space Odyssey top
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Signature Space Odyssey coat
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Signature Space Odyssey bra

it’s all about the details

Signature Space Odyssey Red

Beautiful bindings

Inspired by Stanley Kubrick's "2001: A Space Odyssey", the shape of Kubrick's twirling spaceship was translated into lovely little round-shaped details.

Signature space odyssey red brah

matching bottoms

The round-shaped details are continued in the matching bottoms.

Signature space odyssey red bottom

high quality Fabric

To make sure you radiate your star quality, the lingerie is made of long-lasting, soft, elastic fabric.

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Signature space odyssey red details