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    push up bikini top
    EN Because of customer feedback we would like to give you some tips on how to fit this garment in the best way.<br><br> <b>Prepare to fit:</b><br> 1.Open the fastener on the back.<br> 2.Move the sliders to loosen the straps.<br> 3.Take the crossed panels out of the loops.<br><br> <b>TIP</b>:<br>Cut the yarn loops before you start wearing the bikini top. They were there to keep the straps in place during transportation.<br><br> <b>How to get the perfect fit:</b><br> 1.Put on the bikini top and adjust the shoulder straps to your liking. <br> 2.Cross the front panels and make a bow on your back. The tighter the knot, the deeper the decolleté.<br> 3.Play with both the crossed panels on the front and the shoulder straps, especially if the neckline of the cup feels a bit snug or loose.<br> 4.Do you need advice about the fit? Contact us.<br><br> This blue push up bikini top is the definition of ultimate elegance. The lagoon-blue fabric contrasts with a glossy fabric that looks and feels incredibly sensual on your skin. Sculpt your body with this beautiful fabric and wrap around satin bandages to caress your curves. The broad shoulder straps provide extra comfort and the padding gives you extra support. The small cushions in the cups give you a dazzling deep décolleté. Designed for stylish sirens, this blue bikini top offers both a timeless design and phenomenal support.
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