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My Calamity Jane collection is designed for ladies bending the rules of convention. I was inspired by the female western movie Calamity Jane. A well-deserved hommage to the undisputed leading lady of the Wild West. In a world dominated by the smoke and guns of men, Calamity Jane taimed her own wild horses. Rough, tough and fiercely independent…yet undeniably female. One of my heroines, because she helped change people’s perception of how a woman should behave.

This collection brings you the push up bra and Brazilian brief of a free-spirited cowgirl. Dashing denim, leather straps and sensual shapes create a look that’s all about the perfect combination between self-reliance and femininity. Wear my Calamity Jane lingerie to confidently ride into the unknown.

it’s all about the details

Signature calamity jane

jeans stitching

The denim look is accentuated by the jeans stitching.

Signature calamity jane details

sturdy look

Leather belts and matching shoulder straps give the collection an extra sturdy look.

Signature calamity jane details

small pockets

Two small pockets on the back of the briefs complete the denim look.

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Signature calamity jane details

Picture this… A hot desert afternoon, 42 degrees Celsius. You’ve been riding for days in the sweltering sun; the formidable power of your horse between your denim-clad legs. It feels good to stretch out, take your hat off, undo your braids. The breeze in your hair. ‘Good girl,’ you say, as you pat your horse’s sweaty black skin. Sweet, gorgeous ‘Courage’. She is everything. There is no plan, no destiny, just her rhythmic, hypnotizing breathing. You lick your lips and realise how thirsty you are. ‘Ice’, you think.

It becomes a relentless hissing: ‘Ice…ice.. thirsty.. ice..’ There is a tree, some shade! You lay down and unbutton your denim jacket, just enough to admire the curve of your own breasts, enhanced by your push up bra. As soon as you close your eyes, your lips open up. There is a stream of water, cold water. You drink greedily, giving in to shameless sustenance. Then, all of a sudden, you smell his sweat and feel his hot breath on your skin. “Drink from me,” he whispers. You feel your body opening up under the delicious weight of his embrace. The soft yielding qualities of flesh, its warmth, its wetness. Every cell of you is yearning for him. Now he drinks from you, and time becomes abstract. When you wake up, he is gone. You ride into the starry desert night, alone.

style with

Signature calamity jane
set =
Signature calamity jane
jacket +
Signature calamity jane
jeans +
Signature calamity jane
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