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Dame de Paris

My Dame de Paris collection is designed for ladies with style. I was inspired by the magnificence of the Notre-Dame Cathedral. Being the epitome of Gothic architecture, the Parisian Lady of the 14th century combines a sense of the divine with stunning graphic lines. Graceful arches and elegant bows are her trademarks. An aspiration to Heaven is her belief.

I took the Dame’s subtle play of lines and put it right on top of the cups. Framing a similar gracious and elegant décolleté. Wear my Dame de Paris and believe in your highest self.

dame de paris black & red

Signature Dame de Paris black shapes left
Signature Dame de Paris Ivory shapes right

style with

Signature Dame de Paris Fernanda Brandao set
set =
Signature Dame de Paris blouse
blouse +
Signature Dame de Paris skirt
skirt +
Signature Dame de Paris get dressed bra

it’s all about the details

Signature Dame de Paris Red

stunning straps

Inspired by the Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Dame's subtle play of lines were put on top of the cups, framing a similar gracious and elegant décolleté.

Signature dame de paris red bra

Matching bottoms

The stunning graphic lines of the bras are continued in the matching bottoms.

Signature dame de paris red bottom

high quality Fabric

To ensure unbeatable lasting comfort and style, the fabric used is thoroughly tested.

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Signature dame de paris red detail