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  • black
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  • the art of love

the art of love bijou blue

3 items
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  • 4 cm thong
    € 71,95
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    This blue and black thong is exactly what you need when you want to go the extra "sexy" mile. This style has some bold details to complete your naughty look. It has sides measuring 4 cm, covering the upper part of the hips and buttocks. To spice things up, the thong has a zipper on the crotch area and straps to frame your bum. Choose these cheeky bijou blue bottoms and bring out your naughty side.
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  • 8 cm brazilian briefs
    € 71,95
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    Meet your new favorite blue Brazilian briefs. These bottoms are the perfect combination of revealing and concealing. The sides measure 12 cm, covering the most of the hip and groin while your belly and the lower part of your buttocks remain exposed. As a cheeky finishing touch, cut-outs at the front of the panties were added. Choose these black and bijou blue bottoms with lace and feel oh-so sexy.
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  • 4 cm thong
    € 71,95
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    Dare to discover new erogenous zones with this beautifully finished bijou blue thong. The black lace adds a feminine touch while the straps on the back turn your bum into an eye-catcher. The playful lines create a delicious contrast between your skin and the beautiful blue fabric. Choose these black and blue bottoms with playful lines to transform your bum into a garden of earthly delights.
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