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    plunge balcony bra
    € 239,95
    Celebrate Amelia Earhart's heroic spirit with this edgy military green balcony bra. Inspired by the iconic bomber jacket, this bra combines a shiny green fabric with contrasting bright orange lining. What's cooler than a bra with detachable sleeves and ribbed details? This bra doesn't compromise on comfort; the padding gives you extra support and the wires enclosing the entire breasts create a modest cleavage. Thanks to the eye-popping patches, you can, quite literally, wear your feminine feminism as a badge of honor!
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    plunge balcony bra
    € 249,95
    This glamorous pink plunge balcony bra is the embodiment of feminist flair. The lady-like combination of magenta velvet fabric and white ruffles make this bra truly unique. The black band with a statement written in white gothic lettering contrasts beautifully with the feminine features. To top it off a cute detachable bow was added in the center of the bra. When it comes to the padding, this pink bra gives you extra support. The wires enclosing parts of the breast accentuate the cleavage. Wear this magenta colored bra and say it loud and proud: "I'm a feminine feminist!"
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