What is a 7 cm thong?

A thong is a type of women’s underwear that provides coverage in the front and leaves the back exposed. This style is very cheeky and will match perfectly with a sexy push up bra. The 7 cm thong partially covers your hips, as the sides measure 7 cm.

This 7 cm thong shape has a high waist compared to the 2 cm thongs and 4 cm thongs. Marlies Dekkers thongs are perfect for every day because of the comfortable fit and trendy styles. All of the Marlies Dekkers thongs reduce the visible panty line, so they will not show under your tight clothing. Discover all of our 4 cm thongs at our online marlies dekkers shop and find the perfect panties.

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what is a 7cm thong
what is a 7cm thong


The visual below shows the different fits of all briefs shapes, with the red line showing the waist height of each underwear item. In our Briefs Shape Guide you can read all about our different shapes in briefs.

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