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    plunge balcony bikini top
    € 174,95
    Sleek and modern meets flirty and fun in this blue plunge balcony bikini top. It is crafted from a super-stretchy swimwear fabric that will hug your beautiful curves. It's all about the nautical flair with this classic red, white and blue combination of fabrics. Playful striped detail between the cleverly hidden cups gives this blue bikini top a finishing touch. Design is what it is all about. Set sail for the stars in the most glamorous way when you wear this Marlies Dekkers bikini top.
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    push up bikini top
    € 174,95
    Turn your vacation into the most glamorous getaway with this blue push up bikini top. You can't go wrong with the classic red-white-and-blue color combination. Small padding that gives you an extra deep, and gorgeous cleavage. The playful striped detail between the cleverly hidden cups, and the sweet sailor bows in the center of your décolleté will make this piece your forever favorite. This designer bikini top is delicately constructed for the most comfortable feel when tanning by the pool or a dreamy beach.
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    5 cm briefs
    € 89,95
    Turn the beach into your catwalk with this beautiful Starboard collection bikini briefs. Its all about glamour and comfort with these attractive bottoms that suit all body types with sides measuring 5 cm in a supportive stretch-fabric. Covering the buttocks almost completely and the belly covered half way this flattering design to give your figure a ship shape form. Show off your nautical flair with the red anchor detail decorating your behinds.
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    high waist briefs
    € 99,95
    Sail away in these blue high waist bikini briefs. Adorable red anchor on your hip and sweet sailor bows adorning your back: this style is all about nautical flair. The flattering design in a stretchy swimwear fabric will make you feel like covering up is really about showing off. Combine these high waist bikini briefs with one of the matching Marlies Dekkers bikini tops and get ready for the cruise of a lifetime.
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    plunge balcony bathing suit
    € 249,95
    This blue plunge balcony bathing suit is designed to turn the beach into a catwalk. Striped details between the cleverly hidden cups and a red bow strap that go all the way around for a flattering effect. The classic red-white-and-blue combination and the sailor anchor detail will make your glamorous getaway all about the nautical flair. Padding gives you extra support. Buttocks and groin are covered partially. Choose this Marlies Dekkers bathing suit and show off your curves!
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