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Looking for the perfect gift for your wife, girlfriend or partner? This Christmas, you find the best gifts under 50 euros in our holiday gift shop!
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    beach towel
    € 49,95

    code: SPLASH50

    code: SPLASH50

    Summer is in the air with this blue and ivory beach towel. Can you hear the sea calling you? Then, catch your breath on the shore, wrapping yourself in the soft, warm luxury of my stylish beach towel. Enjoy the sun lying on the beach and then dry yourself after a refreshing dip. This high quality designer beach towel is made from 100% cotton. The size of this luxurious beach towel is 90 x 180 cm.
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Gifting lingerie

Christmas is the perfect time to give your wife, girlfriend or partner an extra treat. A beautiful marlies dekkers set is a fantastic gift, but you may find it difficult which set she likes best and you are not sure which size she wears. You can of course look at what lingerie she wears every day, so you will immediately find what she likes. Pay attention to what bra model she is wearing, for example. Does she opt for a sexy push up bra, a luxurious balcony bra or a comfortable bralette? Also remember what colors she likes to wear!

Gift under 50 euros

If you're looking for the perfect gift under 50 euros for the holidays, then you've come to the right place! In the marlies dekkers gift shop you will find the most beautiful gifts for every budget. You will find our gift shop beautiful scented candles, beautiful briefs and gift cards for various amounts. As you are used to from marlies dekkers, all items are of high quality.

Marlies Dekkers gift card

If you are not entirely sure about what your partner would like to receive, a gift card is the best present. This way your girlfriend or your wife can choose something beautiful from the marlies dekkers webshop. From a simple black bra to a chic red brief, or a cool leather bra or a sexy leopard print thong. Everything is possible at marlies dekkers!