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    balcony bra
    € 134,95
    Wear this olive green unpadded bra and reign like a true Queen Bee. The supportive shape and intricate straps turn your curves into your crowning glory while the olive green hue gives your skin a honeyed glow. Sensual golden details shimmer like the evening sun. The little golden bees can be adjusted along the straps to your preferred placement. This unpadded bra is made from very special polyamide fabric with recycled yarn, which results in a sustainable and soft unpadded bra. The 'Save the Bees' slogan on the shoulder straps was added to help spread this important message. Combine this designer bra with one of the matching knickers and make a statement!
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What is an unpadded bra?

An unpadded bra is different from the regular padded bras you find everywhere. The difference between padded and unpadded bras lies in the cups. A padded bra is designed with foam cups, which remain round even when you are not wearing the bra. An unpadded bra has soft cups that follow the natural shape of your breasts. Some unpadded bras are unwired, whereas other unpadded bras have wires. The use of wires depends on your cup size and the amount of support your need.

Unpadded bra for bigger cup sizes

At Marlies Dekkers, the unpadded bra is available in larger sizes ranging from D cup, E cup and F cup. The unpadded bra offers the needed support by the use of firm fabrics. The combination of stretch and non-stretch fabrics ensures support, without compromising on comfort. By using a T-seam construction with three separate pieces, we created a round and natural cup shape. This way volume is created, so it fits bigger cup sizes perfectly. Whereas padded bras make your breasts look full and round, unpadded bras follow the shape of your breasts. The Marlies Dekkers unpadded bra does have seams and lining, which create a soft roundness to your breasts.

Comfortable bra

Each woman is different and so the most comfortable bra differs per woman. But unpadded bras tend to be very comfortable due to the soft cups. When you are wearing an non-padded bra, it feels like you are just wearing a top but with the support of a designer bra.