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My Lagertha’s Eyes collection is designed for passionate pioneers. I was inspired by Lagertha’s daring travels over sea. To honour her spirit of discovery, I designed a collection that’s as cutting edge as her Viking ships were in their times. So come and see the world through Lagertha’s eyes…no guts, no glory!

This collection immerses you in Lagertha’s boldness. Wrap yourself in her hypnotizing eyes, while dynamic marks dress you in her dazzling uniqueness. Wear Lagertha’s Exploration and unchain your inner adventurer.

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Swimwear Holi Glamour collection

Boundless bonding

See those stitches? Oh yes that's right, there are NONE! That's because we've used a couture-technique for bonding. This made it possible to richly embellish the fabric without leaving any marks.

Swimwear Lagertha's Eyes


These cups rock your body! They're made out of two different fabrics that we've zigzagged together to decorate your breasts with a playful pattern. Peppy!

Swimwear Lagertha's Eyes

Material mania

Did you know that this design is made out of FIVE different types of fabric?! Just because we love it!

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Swimwear Lagertha's Eyes