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My Triangle collection is designed for ladies in favour of freedom. I was inspired by Maria Callas and her conviction that love can never be chained. Callas’ liberal views on love made her part of one of the most illustrious love triangles in history. The queen of opera refused a ring of Aristoteles Onassis, because she believed that ultimately ‘every man wants to dominate his wife’. And thus she was forced to embrace the bittersweet of female liberation: the sweet of standing her ground, the bitter of losing the love of her life to another woman, fashion icon Jacky Kennedy.

I took the shape of a triangle, molded it into metal and made this the centerpiece of your décolleté. Wear my Triangle to celebrate heartfelt female freedom.

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Style Triangle Rosy Coral collection details


Inspired by one of the most illustrious love triangles in history, the molded metal triangle shape is the centerpiece of this collection.

Style Triangle Rosy Coral brah details


The stunning straps create strong graphic lines that enhance the triangle shape.

Style Triangle Rosy Coral bottom details

luminous colour

Both the triangle and the soft, elastic fabric are a captivating rosy coral colour.

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Style Triangle Rosy Coral details