My Art & Armour collection is designed for ladies who like to dress up. I was inspired by the spectacular painting frames that decorate the walls of the Mauritshuis. These magnificent structures caught my eye while admiring the artistry of these 17th century masterpieces. Mesmerised by the gracious ropes and charming chains, I recognised how they frame art’s beauty, the way I frame your body.

For this collection I have translated the charm of the painting frames into spectacular chain ornaments decorating my design. Wear my Art & Armour and proudly display your own beauty!

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it’s all about the details

Style Art & Armour

chain reaction

In house designed metal chain ornaments all of which emphasize different parts of the body.

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exclusive design

The chains are attached to the styles with metal grips showing the marlies|dekkers logo.

Style Art & Armour details

high quality fabric

Soft microfibre combined with colored nickel free metal ornaments, woven bindings and shoulderstraps.

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Style Art & Armour details