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  • plunge balcony body
    € 179,95
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    Ride 'm up, cowgirl! This bold denim body with sturdy yet sensual stitching and a playful row of buttons refers to the female western movie 'Calamity Jane'. Boldly buckled shoulder straps in brown leather decorate your décolleté and cross on your back, capturing the spirit of a confident cowgirl. This body has a comfortable shape and fit. The wires only partially enclose the lower part of the breasts, resulting in a modest and sexy cleavage. The groin area is partially covered. Crotch snaps/unsnaps for convenience.
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  • plunge balcony body
    € 149,95
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    You can leave your tie on! This gorgeous balcony body in warm ivory features shoulder straps with a ton-sur-ton Greek meander pattern. But the real eyecatcher: a playful miniature black tie –notice the subtle metallic emblem!- between your breasts that shows you mean business. This body rocks your body! Padding gives you extra support. Wires enclosing all of the breasts create a modest cleavage. Choose this body for a snug shape, a sexy décolleté and a dash of comfort.
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