What’s in my beach bag?

What’s in my beach bag?

by Marlies Dekkers

A sexy book, a pair of killer sunglasses, some sultry tunes; to me, packing my beach bag is like having a private pre-beach-party. I especially get excited about putting together a beauty survival kit for the day, mixing old faves with my latest finds. Wanna see what I’ll be bringing to the beach this summer?

– Pure Light SPF50, Protection SPF50 Sport and Precleanse wipes by Dermologica
First of all, I am so glad that I can wear my favorite skin care brand to the beach! With my pale skin, SPF50 is a minimum, but a lot of sun lotions leave a yucky white residue on your skin. But Dermologica developed a line of sun protection that doesn’t make me look like Caspar the Ghost in a bikini. The wipes are great to freshen up when the sand/sweat combo is getting to me.

– Intense Hydrating Mask, Moroccan Oil
I find this is the best protection for my hair: I slather this divine hydrating mask in my hair, braid it losely, then wash it out at the end of the day. It’s like my hair spent the day at a fancy spa instead of frying in the sun.

– Bikini & Co nail polish, Kure Bazaar
Don’t you love how this bright coral tone plays up your tan? Plus eco-trendy brand Kure Bazaar does not test on animals. As a matter of fact, up to 85% of this nail polish’ ingredients are based on wood pulp, wheat, cotton, potatoes and corn. Good enough to eat. Almost.

– Heal Gel Intensive
Got a little too much sun? This multi-purpose skin rescue gel containing arnica will soothe, cool, restore and protect. Plus I love the smell: woody, herby, divine. A bit of aromatherapy on the beach.

– Multi purpose Face & Body serum, Patyka
Sometimes, a beach day turns into a beach night. And you don’t want to spoil that magical moment by returning to the hotel to freshen up, right? So this is what I do: I have a quick shower at the beach club and apply this miraculous organic oil on my face, body and hair. Result: a gorgeous scent and a beautiful shine. Add a pareo and a pair of heels, and I’m ready to dance the night away!

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