Showing less or more butt?

by Marlies Dekkers
I have the most amazing daughter in the whole wide world, let’s start with that. But sometimes I feel there’s a difference between what we both perceive as being normal.

My daughter is smart, quick-witted, pretty and wickedly funny. When you take a look at her, you’ll see a younger me. Well, I mean her looks, because her character is on some points very different than mine. Currently we suffer from our social media differences. I am in my “Selfie” period; selfies anytime anywhere and flaunt the body you’re proud of. It’s not that having this body is in my DNA, I’m doing sports like crazy to get it like this, the fact that it’s a result of my discipline makes me extra proud.

I really feel great being so confident to dare showing my beautiful female parts. My daughter (16) thinks this is my least fun period. About 6 times a day I get the order to remove that picture with wayyy too much nudity from twitter. Or stop with those duckface selfies on Facebook – which are fine for herself but not when I make them, I’m confused… And what about this one “mom, I know you’re in lingerie, but stop showing it the entire day!”. See the pictures, is this too much butt or boob? I don’t really get this situation, my daughter should be way more daring and provocative than her mother who’s almost 50 right?

Is acting sensual and seductive not done on social media or just not done for moms? I need to find a way to combine my outspoken social character with the prudish behavior of my not-so-little-girl-anymore. I’m sure we’ll find a way together to handle this, because we’ve overcome some battles in the last years.

For example when I was in desperate need of a luxurious relax holiday and my daughter insisted to go to a simple camping instead of a five star hotel. Guess where we ended up? Or that time we were in New York and I wanted to go to all beautiful boutique stores and all organic lunch spots, and my daughter just wanted to have pasta carbonara.

For now we’ll focus on my social media behavior. Because I’m quite sure I’m going to win this one. Be prepared for many more sexy selfies!

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Valentine’s top tip

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