Ibiza in 48 hours, girl crush style

by Marlies Dekkers

Disco heels? Check. 5 pairs of bikinis? Check. BFF? Okay, let’s go! This is what I get up to when I spend a romantic weekend on Ibiza with my friend Beertje van Beers, no boys allowed..

My friend Beertje (a 42 year old writer and Playboy pin-up) and I are a funny pair. She calls me the Viking Queen, I call her my Thai Princess. I like weightlifting and green smoothies, she likes yoga and spicy noodle soup for breakfast. But we love spending time together. #Girlcrush? Yo, we invented that! As a matter of fact, we’ve been crushing on each other for well over 10 years now. Every year we hit Ibiza together. Not, as you might expect, to party, but to do some serious catching up in stunning surroundings. (and, truth be told, I like to ogle at her in her tiny bikinis)

I like to travel light; one small piece of hand luggage maximum. Beertje however, greets me at the airport with a huge suitcase filled with ‘girly stuff’. Within minutes of arriving at our hotel on Ibiza, Ocean Drive, our room is transformed into a boudoir with Beertje’s creams, perfumes, heels and lingerie (all my designs, of course!) Watching Beertje get settled and brush her long, long hair is actually one of my favorite moments of our trip.

We head straight to beach club Blue Marlin where we go for swims, lay on our day beds –order in advance!- and gawk at the glitterati. That night, we have dinner al fresco in Ibiza town, which is only a 15 minute walk from our hotel. Before sleep, I get in bed with my Beertje and read her a story. It’s our sexy little bedtime ritual…

Day 2:
I wake up and watch Beertje put on some ridiculously sexy work out gear. I guess we’re going for a jog! Afterwards, we treat ourselves hot Belgian chocolats and some superb people watching at Croissant Show in Ibiza town, then go beach-hopping all over the island in our Smart car (available for hotel guests). One of our hot spots is Benirras Beach where you can you can get ayurvedic massages and divine green smoothies at health heaven Elements. In the late afternoon, we head back to the charming beach by our hotel, Talamanca Beach, where we dance in our bikinis to live flamenco music. As the sun goes down, we vow to adore each other for ever and we raise our glasses to Tanit, goddess of Ibiza. Our other girl crush.

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