Get to Know: Elizabeth Holmes

Get to Know: Elizabeth Holmes

by Faye van Spijk

“I want to create a whole new technology and one that is aimed at helping humanity at all levels regardless of geography or ethnicity or age or gender”. This is what 19 year-old Elizabeth Holmes told her chemical engineering teacher when she decided to drop out of Stanford university to follow her dreams. She is truly a remarkable woman and we can’t help  but want to share her story with you; and for you to share her story with others.

Elizabeth was studying at Stanford in 2003 when she decided that her college money was worth more being spent on revolutionising healthcare than her tuition fees. She went against society’s rules, dropping out and starting her own company: Theranos. As a woman with a terrible fear of needles she desperately wanted to create a technology that would make blood tests painless and quicker. So she spent 11 years developing a technology where blood tests can be done by a simple prick in the finger. No more scary needles and multiple tubes of blood having to be taken. This revolutionary technology was not only painless and quicker, but more accurate than traditional blood testing.  The lower pricing of these tests also ensures that it is accessible for a lot more people across the US.

The company is currently worth US$10 billion and Elizabeth still owns 50 percent of it. She is the youngest female billionaire on the Forbes 400 list and the youngest female self-made billionaire. But Elizabeth isn’t in it for the money, she says:

“We’re successful if person by person we help make a difference in their lives. Our purpose is to give people access to the basic right of being (blood) tested when they need to or want to. If we can do that, then we will have made a difference”.

And she has definitely succeeded in doing so.

Elizabeth Holmes is a woman that has changed the future for so many across the US and potentially globally. She embodies the Females Forward movement that we so strongly support and encourage and she deserves your acknowledgement of her achievements.  #FemalesForward

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