Chanel & Paris. The perfect match

by Marlies Dekkers

I adore Chanel! And it goes so much deeper than coveting the latest Chanel it-bag; I actually love the spirit of the brand, and the fiesty icon behind it: Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel.

When the Duke of Westminster, one of the richest men in Europe, asked Coco to marry him, she refused. “There have been several Duchesses of Westminster. There is only one Chanel,” she said, and continued to liberate women all over the world with her attitude, lifestyle and designs.

She banned corsets, invented the LBD and gave working women a stylish, practical uniform: the Chanel suit. She proved that luxury didn’t have to be loud. And with her short hair, sporty lifestyle and financial independence she inspired women to celebrate their feminity in a radically new, FUN way.

About 10 years ago, I bought my first Chanel: a pair of her legendary ‘two tone shoes’ (I got the high-heeled version, naturellement) Every time I wear them, I admire how Coco combined beige with a contrastig black toe cap to create a uniquely flattering effect, at once shortening my foot and lengthening my leg. How clever! It’s exactly what I want to offer women with marlies|dekkers: comfort and class. But most of all,  the confidence to conquer the world.

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Valentine’s top tip

Marlies Says

Valentine’s top tip

by marlies|dekkers

With Valentine’s Day coming up, let’s talk #seduceyourself. To me, the summum of seduction is driving a man insane, just by exposing a glimpse of your wrist while pouring him tea. Can you imagine?