Awaken Your Senses Launch Collection

by marlies|dekkers

Last Friday, we presented our new lingerie collection at the one-off marlies|dekkers clubnight in Rotterdam. The theme of the collection is Awaken Your Senses. More than 300 guests, including the Dutch and international press, attended this special event. While the guests were enjoying a sumptuous dinner, they were the first to be treated to the Awaken Your Senses experience. The highlight of the evening was a choreographed dance depicting four women’s sensual fantasies performed by dancers encased in the latest sets of the lingerie brand.

Guests in black tie strolled over the red carpet of Club Villa Thalia in Rotterdam. The guests were awed by the two-and-a-half hour artistic production, in which acrobats and more than ten dancers performed. During the show, sensual stories written by Marlies Dekkers herself were read aloud. The string quartet and a 25-member choir also played a prominent role in the show. All this was set against a backdrop of 360˚ visuals that took the guests on a journey through different cities.

Awaken Your Senses

During her art studies, Marlies Dekkers developed her own signature: recognizable graphic and daring designs that clearly reflect the female point of view. Her famous signature strap, a sexy bra strap above the cup, is featured in most of the brand’s designs, like the iconic Dame de Paris, the Spider and the Space Odyssey, that have been worn by stars such as Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Sarah Jessica Parker, Katy Perry and Fergie.

The new collection consists of four outspoken styles with a new signature reminiscent of women’s fantasies. All four styles feature fabrics that are usually used in outerwear: denim, leather, silk and pinstripes. The choice of fabric forms the basis of the lingerie designs and recurs in several female fantasies.

“I went looking for the perfect bra that would match a certain mood. When I feel provocative and I feel like having an exciting evening, I want the perfect leather bra that fits well and is fashionable at the same time. I managed to design the Rolls Royce of leather bras that has my characteristic perfect fit and a highly provocative design. I did the same with the denim, silk and pinstripe bras. A different set for every fantasy,” says Marlies Dekkers.

marlies|dekkers lingerie is known for its perfect fit and its signature strap design. These features are now added to with the super feminine Awaken Your Senses signature collection in which the neckline is framed with a novel type of shoulder strap that is entirely new in the world of lingerie. The choice of using outerwear fabric proves that lingerie can be seen as a part of your outfit. Innerwear becomes outerwear with the signature strap or the Awaken Your Senses look.

Marlies explains that “we live in a time of feminine feminists: strong and independent women stand up and decide for themselves, without social or societal restrictions. Femininity goes hand in hand with self-confidence. Women can be and dare to be sexy and seductive. To help them in their discovery of their sexual fantasies, I started writing sensual stories. When we feel erotic, all our senses are aroused and this is what I want to stimulate through my stories and especially with the sets that emerged from the stories.”

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Valentine’s top tip

by marlies|dekkers

With Valentine’s Day coming up, let’s talk #seduceyourself. To me, the summum of seduction is driving a man insane, just by exposing a glimpse of your wrist while pouring him tea. Can you imagine?