Anastacia and me about our shared love; lingerie

by Marlies Dekkers
I recently met Anastacia and although we didn’t had much time, there were a few subjects I really wanted to talk about with her. In a previous post I told you about our chat about modern-day feminism, but Anastacia and I have another shared love: lingerie of course!

With her super self-confidence appearance she looks stunning wearing one of my corsets. She’s about to go on stage to perform for her Resurrection Tour. Anastacia has been through a lot in the past years (she overcame breast cancer) and now she stands here in front of me as a real rolemodel, ready to spread her positivity and inspire other women. Since we’ve been in contact before I knew how funny she is and again this time she made me laugh so hard, being around her is so much fun. Besides her humor, she has a very powerful attitude. This might has something to do with the good looking and fitting lingerie she’s always wearing. She made me blush when she told me I’m her favourite lingerie designer. Time to ask her some quick lingerie questions.

Marlies What is most important for you if you buy lingerie?
Anastacia I want to feel good, sexy, beautiful and comfortable during shopping. I want to get excited about the thought I can wear these sets soon. That same feeling I want when I put on my newest indulgences.

Marlies You have been very enthusiastic about my designs; what aspects of my lingerie attracts you?
Anastacia The products are great. The fit, the shapes, the fabrics that are used and the consideration that goes into each individual item to really compliment each body shape and makes someone feel good about themselves. There is care and detail put into the making, moulding and fitting of the products and this is noticeable to me.

Marlies How do you experience my fit?
Anastacia I’ll be wearing the corsets on my Resurrection tour… Because of the perfect fit, I’m looking forward to put on my stage outfits.

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