Anastacia is my kind of girl!

by Marlies Dekkers
In 2009 Anastacia and I had our first rendez-vous. I never expected we would meet up again 5 year later and have a personal talk about modern day feminism.

Superstar Anastacia is my kind of girl! With a successful singing career for over 20 years and her overcoming many personal struggles she is the poster girl of a self-made woman. Recently she was in the Netherlands for her concert, so we had some time to catch up. What started as a drink between friends, ended in a dialogue where we shared our vision on modern day feminism. Wondering what feminism means to me? Read it here: I’m a feminist

Marlies: Strong and independent women are stepping up as role models and make a change regarding gender equality, I see this as the third movement. Taking a look at our your personal life, do you feel the third movement is happening around you?
Anastacia: Yes most definitely. I think woman are being perceived as strong, independent, and capable. This has taken many years of fighting for their rights and having role models step up their game and speak out. Joan Rivers was a prime example of someone who allowed women to be heard through fashion, entertainment, music and helped their rights to exist and make a difference.

Marlies: What challenges do you feel women still need to overcome? What do you think is left to achieve in this movement?
Anastacia: I think there will always be challenges for women and men. There are always going to be male chauvenists but it’s just a matter of women continuing to stand up for their rights and prove their worth. The world would end if women didn’t start families, carry children, but that is no reason for them not to work, have careers, exist as a person rather than just a mother. Many companies have had to adapt their rules to accommodate this but there are still places that stimulate women – I think this is something that needs to be worked on.

Who inspired you when growing up and who are your current female role models
Anastacia: As I said Joan Rivers for sure, an amazing woman in the entertainment industry. Singers such as Barbara Streisand, my dear friend Sharon Osbourne – successful, powerful and not afraid to use their position to speak out and stand up for what they believe in.

Marlies: How can a rolemodel like you inspire other women to choose their own path in life?
Anastacia: I would hope that I can inspire people through my music, the challenges I’ve encountered, the fact that I am outspoken and not afraid to share my experiences. I believe everyone should strive for their dreams, don’t give up, don’t let people stand in your way.

Marlies: In the third movement, I call upon women to step up and take action to choose their own path in life. What would the world look like if all women and men really joined the third movement?
Anastacia: Equal! It wouldn’t be a world where people are defined by their gender, rather for their capabilities.

Marlies: Often the third movement is referred to as modern day feminism. What is a feminist to you?
Anastacia: The word ‘feminist’ can be a bit intimidating. It can often be misunderstood for a female-chauvenist, but rather, and I think in your case, it is about women not allowing to be held back by rules and stipulations that sadly still exist in some places.
Marlies: Are you a feminist?
Anastacia: In the non scary sense! I believe women should have as many rights as men… so if that makes me a feminist I guess I am!

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