• Couture the victory
    The Victory
  • Couture the victory
    The Victory
I am not afraid, I was born to do this- Joan of Arc

Not long after victory was achieved and Joan of Arc was rewarded with honor and admiration, she was captured and sold to her enemies. We all know the story of her tragic death but after, she was almost immediately recognized as who she appeared to be during her life; a true agent of God. Her popularity increased over the centuries which led to being canonized as a Saint in 1920.

This part of Joan’s life, her bravery and the recognition she received during and after her life, inspired me to design a collection which is truly outspoken by material and color. To me she is one of the most unique and strongest female figures in European war history. The collection therefore, is a bold statement in a structured gold leather. Decorated with different beautiful designed ornaments such as the 3-D ornament showing a Fleur de Lis representing power and referring to the coat of arms Joan of Arc received after her victory. Find the essence of Joan’s existence in the printed gusset : “I am not afraid, I was born to do this".

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it’s all about the details

Couture The Victory

fabulous finishings

This couture collection is truly outspoken by material, colour and design and is adorned with powerful straps.

Couture The Victory details

rich ornaments

Decorated with different beautifully designed ornaments symbolising Joan of Arc's eternal victory.

Couture The Victory

flawless fabric

Structured gold leatherlook fabric that still contains 8% spandex ensuring perfect fit.

Couture The Victory bra