My Lagertha & Ragnar Collection is designed for women with a vision. I was inspired by Lagertha’s legendary love for Viking king Ragnar. Her only equal in bed, battlefield and ambition. Married or divorced, Lagertha never stopped listening to her dreams about him: vivid visions whispering their fates were linked forever. Nothing could beat their soul mate passion. Nor her ability to see possibility.

This collection infuses you with Lagertha’s passion. Wrap yourself in her all-pervading gaze and cover your body with her silver-tongued lips. Wear Lagertha & Ragnar and see the world through her eyes.

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it’s all about the details

Style Lagertha's Key

Eyes of power

Lagertha's eyes proudly decorate your décollété. I made her gaze the centrepiece of this design. Nothing can beat a woman with a vision!

Style Lagertha's Key

Material Mania

Did you know that this design is made out of EIGHTEEN different types of material!? Every piece of fabric of the highest quality, every single detail skillfully crafted by our in-house design team.

Style Lagertha's Key

Little secrets

Beauty is mystery... Check Lagertha's mouth on the bottoms and bodies. Surprise! We've hidden little pockets.

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Style Lagertha's Key
Couture Earl Lagertha Couture Earl Lagertha
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Earl Lagertha

Designed for feisty females. Inspired by
Lagertha's force and fearlessness.