• Couture the heroic journey
    Dancing Princess
  • Couture the heroic journey
    Dancing Princess

My Dancing Princess collection is designed for free-spirited ladies. I was inspired by the Indian poet-princess Mirabai and the sensuality of her musical art. Mirabai left palaces and splendour behind to live her days as an artistic nomade. The dancing princess wrote a myriad of songs called bhajans. Entrancing ballades tasting like a masala of spirituality peppered with subtle hints of eroticism. If you listen to Mirabai’s songs you can still imagine her moving to the hypnotic rhythm of her drums and the ecstatic tinkling of her manjira.

With this collection I am wrapping you in Mirabai’s nudity while decorating you with regal jewels. Wear my Dancing Princess to practice the art of irresistible seduction.

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it’s all about the details

couture dancing princess nude

Sparkling details

A high quality fabric in a rhinestone covered nude making you feel irresistible.

couture dancing princess nude details

rich materials

The matching bottoms show a little bijou that decorates your bum.

couture dancing princess nude

luxurious jewelry

A stunning removable piece of jewelry decorate your décolleté.

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