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Awaken Your Senses- Marlies Dekkers

We want women everywhere to find out what really turns them on. Therefore, we’ve created 4 new designs for the sensual woman. Are you ready to explore your sensual fantasies? Awaken Your Senses…

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Which style really turns you on? Watch the sensual collection video and Awaken Your Senses.

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Femme Fatale

My Femme Fatale collection is designed for ladies dancing with shadows. I was inspired by the female-focused crime movie Femme Fatale Wear my Femme Fatale lingerie to transform yourself into a sensual predator.

Inspiration Couture Collection
Calamity Jane

My Calamity Jane collection is designed for ladies bending the rules of convention. Wear my Calamity Jane lingerie to confidently ride into the unknown.

Blog Marlies Dekkers
Mulholland Drive

My Mulholland Drive collection is designed for females in touch with their fantasies. I was inspired by the sensual cultfilm “Mulholland Drive”. Wear my Mulholland Drive lingerie and surrender yourself to your deepest desires.

About Marlies Dekkers

My Gloria collection is designed for ladies taking the lead. I was inspired by the female gangster movie Gloria, a groundbreaking piece of art in the history of film and feminism.