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    marlies' 50th birthday
    €50 voucher

    We're giving away a €50 voucher on your next purchase whenever you spend over a €100!
    The voucher will be sent by email on Monday December 21..

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  • giftshop
    marlies' 50th birthday
    Free candle &

    We're giving away a free scented candle and giftwrapping with
    a lady from Shanghai or Dame de Paris Firebird red set!

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  • the awakening movie
    the awakening movie
    marlies' 50th birthday
    Let's celebrate!

    To celebrate this wonderful milestone we will be sharing many special gifts with you!
    From daily inspiration to product promotions and one extraordinary present:
    Marlies’ first short-film “The Awakening”.

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  • Awaken your Senses
    Awaken your Senses
    What's your fantasy?
    awaken your

    We want women everywhere to find out what really turns
    them on. Are you ready to explore your sensual fantasies?
    Awaken Your Senses…

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