Turn your body into a garden of earthly delights with my Art of Love collection. A spectacular play of lines frames your curves and creates a delicious contrast between your skin and the luxurious black fabric. Dare to discover new erogenous zones!

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The graphic designs of The Art of Love make this one of the most challenging collections to make. All these little pieces of fabric, straps, rings, and sliders have to be cut, placed, and stitched with the utmost precision. Plus they have to be the same for left and right. Imagine having to put together these pieces, we can have nothing but respect for the skillfulness of our ateliers.

style tinguely hot coral style tinguely hot coral
new shape
the ouvert thong

This unique shape has a zipper in the crotch area and straps that frame
your bottoms. A style with bold details to complete your naughty look.

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it’s all about the details

Style crouching tiger

Ink black Fabric

Cover yourself in this luxurious ink black fabric that gives you a fierce look and feel.

style art of love

Playful lines

The playful lines frame your beauty perfectly. It's a grafic take on the classic black bra.

style art of love

Naughty style added to the collection

The thong spices things up with the zipper detail and the straps around the buttocks.

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style art of love

You may not think of Frida Kahlo as a typical gardener - can you imagine her in rubber boots? - but together with her beloved Diego she turned the garden of their ‘Casa Azul’ into a luscious paradise of locally sourced flora. And then there are her paintings, filled with green beings, erotic flowers and voluptuous bodies, showing an unbridled sensuality that is both steamy and earthy. Often, her own body becomes her private Eden; a place where feminine principles rule. “The green miracle of the landscape of my body becomes the whole of nature,” she wrote in a passionate love letter to Diego. One of my favorite paintings by Frida is ‘The Roots’ (1943): an invitation to lay down in the dirt with her and watch the vines envelop and frame her body in an almost erotic way. Welcome to Frida’s garden of earthly delights...

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