• signature collection femme fatale
    signature collection femme fatale


"My Femme Fatale collection is designed for ladies dancing with shadows. I was inspired by the female-focused crime movie Femme Fatale. A modern, erotically charged film noir revolving around an angel faced con artist with dangerous skills. Sultry and oh so seductive. Like a true femme fatale striking men down with her beauty, brains and sexuality. I love how this sensational woman fearlessly manipulates her identity to outsmart her enemies, while using the power of promiscuity to control the world around her.
This collection dresses you in a luxurious super push up bra and bold Brazilian brief, designed to explore your dark side. Adorn your body with its beautifully embossed bold braces and stylish leather. Wear my Femme Fatale lingerie to transform yourself into a sensual predator."
- Marlies Dekkers