My Earl Lagertha Collection is designed for feisty females. I was inspired by Lagertha’s force and fearlessness. You can tell what a woman is made of when life is hard on her. When her second husband abused her, Lagertha didn’t wait around for some man to safe her. No! Lagertha defended her own honour. Earning herself a position of power in the process.

This collection wraps you in Lagertha’s independence. I used sturdy stirrups combined with feminine lace. They symbolise her outer strength and inner power. Wear Earl Lagertha and feel you can fight your own battles.

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Couture Earl Lagertha
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Couture Earl Lagertha
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Couture Earl Lagertha

Couture Earl Lagertha


it’s all about the details

Couture Earl Lagertha


These faux leather straps create a play of lines that truly stands out. Stunning, very wearable and skillfully tailormade for each size and every shape.

Couture Earl Lagertha


This lace is queen! We've used luxury lace band so all parts and patterns are skillfully cut by hand. Piece by lovely piece. Oh YES, our lace rules.

Couture Earl Lagertha


Bold buckles on your shoulder straps and sturdy studs everywhere ensure the look of a feisty female. All 100% craftmanship of our dedicated in-house design team!

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Couture Earl Lagertha
Couture Earl Lagertha Couture Earl Lagertha
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Lagertha and Ragnar

My Lagertha & Ragnar Collection is designed for women with a vision.
Inspired by Lagertha’s legendary love for Viking king Ragnar.