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Discover the new Fall Winter 2021 collection inspired by Pirate Queens like Anne Bonny, Jeanne de Belleville and Grace O'Malley. Dare to sail the Seven Seas in my sexy lingerie!
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    butterfly thong
    € 49,95
    Put your bum into the spotlight with this sensational blue butterfly thong. The fabric is made from a translucent fine mesh fabric with blue and gold polka dots, creating a playful yet sexy look. Your groin area is completely covered, while exposing the lower part of the buttocks and drawing all attention to your gorgeous curves. Choose this blue thong and one of the matching Petit Point bras and you're ready to own the sky!
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    push up bra
    € 99,95
    This purple push up bra is a true classic with a sparkling twist. The fabric in a deep eggplant hue gives you the ultimate autumn feeling. Beautiful straps inspired by the Notre Dame Cathedral decorate the center of your décolleté. For a fierce finishing touch, the heart of the bra is adorned with a silver colored pirate pendant. This purple push up bra has comfortable, small cushions creating a sexy lift. Combine this sexy purple bra with one of the matching briefs and dazzle all the way!
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    butterfly briefs
    € 99,95
    Set sail for your dreams in this black butterfly briefs. Made from a sustainable microfiber with recycled yarn, these black briefs feel incredibly soft on your skin. A win-win situation! The gold colored rope like embroidery gives this piece a spectacular pirate twist. These flirty panties cover your groin, while the lower part of the bottom remains visible. It is designed to suit all body types with a cheeky reveal. The best part? These briefs are invisible under your clothing. Combine these black knickers with the Pirate Queen bra and dare to conquer.
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Fall & Winter 2021 collection

What are the fashion trends for fall and winter 2021 you may ask.. It’s everything strong women want to wear! So tell us, how savage are you? Do you chart your own course, even in the middle of a crazy storm? The glorious female pirates who inspired this FW21 collection are savage for sure, but they weren’t all born that way. Each of them reached a point where they felt they HAD to break free. The universe was telling them: do it, NOW!

Black sails

Nothing more classy than a black lingerie set. Inspired by the black sails of the female pirates of the past, my black lingerie items radiate strength and fearlessness. Discover the Lioness of Brittany collection in a stunning combination of lace and leather. Or the black Shieldmaiden lingerie collection, with sensual straps and sexy leather.

Mixed prints and colors

Big fall and winter trends are patchwork, eclectic combinations, autumnal colors and ton-sur-ton shades. My new collection includes so many beautiful colors: rhubarb red, forest green, evening blue, eggplant purple and more. And let’s not forget, all the shimmering details in gold and silver. Discover the trendy patterns in this Fall Winter collection. My Gloria lingerie features a classic tartan print in green and my Savage Sadie is enriched with our own cool pirate print.

Pirate Queen

Did you spot the stunning gold embroidery on the new couture collection? The spectacular Pirate Queen collection forms the true eyecatcher this fall winter season. The sexy corset, balcony bra and butterfly briefs are inspired by old officers uniforms, and knowing Anne Bonny, it was probably stolen.. As a finishing touch, little buttons were added with our own sassy version of the Jolly Roger. Made with 84% recycled nylon, so you can be stylish, sexy and sustainable at the same time.